iPixel Fiction

Light & projection. Smartphone’s & ultra definition. Voice and vision. What’s the impact of movies? What if you were told that you are the greatest pixel in the universe on the most delicate created screen ever! The pixels screen would be so delicate, it would need a lightning bulb as powerful as the Sun and Moon to run the pixels of the universe! All this time you have been bouncing light as no other pixel possibly could.

That –> (….) <– in between, is time or pixels. Let's rewind to the year 1999. In 1999 the Wachowski brothers released a trilogy that would seize people minds for decades and influence their way of communicating. If you have no idea of the concept that was pitched in the movie, take a look at your nowadays smartphone and compare it to the technological standard of the 1999th mobile cell phone. The major difference between these phones resembles the residua of the Matrix, were it is possible to upload yourself into a specific digital environment and control the context of your surroundings.

Q: How did we respond to the Matrix trilogy?

A: Grab your phone, and connect to the web. It is right in your hands, the cinema screen resolution is included in the 2014th smartphone. Stocked with wifi connection, video call & photo camera it is easy getting connected. The real Marvel abilities are in fact tomorrows inventions of our dreams today.

Q: So what happened to Terminator’s Judgement Day?

A: We probably have to work on the Star Trek sequence to actually get to the fiction of Dooms Day. Although we are building amazing humanlike cyborgs, we have already got the androids running on our phone. For the record when it comes to our imagination we are creating the exact memories that the “cydroids” will revive and nurture for us. From another perspective we are technologically creating these cydroids, that probably runs on android, which will awaken every individual with digital stored thoughts, in a certain time which we are not aware of. Our way of communicating, our individual patterns and algorithms are being stored and categolized on servers.

Q: Why the Star Trek sequence first?

A: As we human reflectors are challenging our frontiers, certain challenges to realize the Star Trek fiction will uplift the common engineering standard. In space frontiers we create the opportunity to store our individual memories for as long as the universe lasts. As I am writing this vivid fiction, scientist are rethinking how to create artificial digital life without an expire date. The digital resources will be stored at several locations in the galaxy on servers based at the Moon, Mars and Earth to increase the digital conservation chance.

Q: Is it possible to control this Matrix?

A: Yes. With voice & vision and a smartdevice. As a pixel it’s core business to capture the light of the bulb and to stay connected.

Q: Have you noticed we are all collecting this data?

A: You mean cookies or Snowden?

Q: What is the task of pixels?

A: It is simmilar to the task of pixels on your screen. Primary goal is to create reflections and restore light that travelled at lightning speed. In fact we humans are interacting with light on a massive screen. Add a little more fiction to the picture and suggest we are creating the past sectence in the present screen.


& Action

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7 thoughts on “iPixel Fiction

  1. Crazy-high future-doorzichtig met en beetje “mind-game” epiphany voor de geniaal touch!. reine Dedeurwaerder 138 Bd R. Schuman 44300 Nantes fr

  2. 22reine on said:

    het is zo mooi het is om te huilen, which I did.

    • Glad to hear you really enjoyed the iPixel Fiction. If you have 1 or 2 lines that fit a certain picture, i’d be delighted to add it in the storyline! Don’t forget that. Thanks for reading the article & the replies on the fiction, Reine. iPixel Fiction Celebration! Woohaa 😀

      • 22reine on said:

        One or two lines, I’d love to, but it’s so complete!, I feel I could denaturate the all message you sended. your post made me think about the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick…you have a future in writing, (and some past, too, I believe), present is nice anyway :)), Maybee “iPixel Reality celebration” would be more accurate!, and I shall love to collaborate and/or add thingies to your/our texts. This makes me wonders if I ever experienced real frienship and trust before in my life. Now the big pixel is not only sending light, but flashing like a stroboscop. PS: the wood model lying on the phone, and the “happy new year” on the “je téléphone” which I discoverted late!, is a work of art, don’t blush, thuth is truth. %D. Reine.

      • Great feedback Reine, adding some new light on the fiction! This is just the beginning…buckle up & ASTA la vista back at ya : )

      • Filling up the reservoirs of the rocket!

  3. 22reine on said:

    ASTA…la vista! 😉

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