X-Plane UFO

In 1949 the classification of UFO was created by the U.S. Air Force to tag Unidentified Flying Objects that did not meet the common standard of flying objects back in those days. Luckily enough a journalist captured a clear picture of a UFO near Sillicon Valley. For investigators it was obvious that the flying object could not be man made.

20140106-215523.jpg1949: The first UFO ever spotted on Earth. The footage photgraphed above Sillicon Valley, which led to speculations if UFO’s are real or rather unreal. Several sceptics doubted the authenticity of the picture suggesting a UFO at all.

Fly By
For decades there would be speculated if UFO’s are real or not. The U.S. authority could not determine if the UFO captured on photo could by classified as an unlisted object compared to the listed fleet of existing airplanes. As time passed by, several authorities would gather their intelligence and combine the results with civilian reports that claim to have encountered unidentifiable flying objects.

Hubble HD
It would take almost 65 years and the latest state of the art equipment to establish how these UFO’s actually appear to us on Earth when they pass through the Milky Way Galaxy. With some great effort and top notch data provided by the Hubble Space Telescope, scientist finally provided accurate visual proof that UFO’s in fact are real, and that they are about to pixelfy the whole planet!

20140106-222009.jpg2014: Finally the unprecedented proof that UFO’s do exist. The latest UFO footage captured near Sillicon Valley, just a few seconds after a pilot reported a close encounter with an UFO at Heathrow Airport. Footage provided by the Hubble Space Telescope.


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  1. LOOOL! (really!)

  2. But, on BO2, it’s 3D!.

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