A Letter to The Moon

Have you noticed in this digital environment there are no crimes? And if so, is it possible for every individual to be a bit god like? I’ve already observed some earthly conditions that are being uploaded in to this electronic road. What are they actually mentioning?

If you were presented a picture of a delicious chocolate cake, how would you respond? Would you ask for a piece, or simply have the whole cake? Is there a reason to be polite if there is no way to eat the cake at all? I’m telling you in here there is no logical explanation for sharing certain delicacies. In this place there is no gravity, although some will not admit this and even prologue their beneficial outside wars.

It’s obvious when there’s a full moon in the sky, we actually do post more often on our communicating media platforms. I’m telling you, in here there would be no internet censure and still, we find ways to manifest our differences. Clearly in “here” refers to that place between the ears and the eyes, where the consciousness is housed.

If you were given a choice what would you make of this place, heaven or war? Unleashing every creative thought that would not be tolerated out there, for in “here” is no gravitational law.

“The human head is bigger than the globe. It conceives itself as containing more. It can think and rethink itself and ourselves from any desired point outside the gravitational pull of the earth. It starts by writing one thing and later reads itself as something else. The human head is monstrous.”–Günter Grass

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