Dancing with Peace – A Glimpsing Roadmap

Nowadays it’s clear that peace is a hot fixed concept, clearly there’s a way to dance with it.
It starts with a smile and accelerates by laughter.20140713-065754.jpgPerhaps this so called thing “peace” has great potentials as a trendy fast food delivery and take a way concept.
20140713-074557.jpgPeace is a dish, serving exclusive flavours, feeding the whole world. 20140713-074638.jpgI’ve tried to capture a piece of what peace actually is and how we citizens interact with it.20140713-074918.jpgWell, rumor goes around that it would be on this particular planet.
20140713-075031.jpgThere is a plausible chance to it..
20140713-083344.jpg…especially if the case is when you are aware that peace is designed by its consumers.20140713-083427.jpgSo bear with me, while were navigating to it.
20140713-081402.jpgAllow me to speed up this photo journey..
20140713-081625.jpg..note, that it isn’t an ordinary task to seize peace.20140714-015938-7178292.jpgFinally, here is were to teleport to. Spot on and..20140713-082500.jpg ..voila..this picture resembles a manifestation of PEACE. I hope you’ve enjoyed the vivid journey, a roadmap to Peace.

The World Peace Flame
In July 1999 seven flames from
Five continents were united to create
The World Peace Flame

The World Peace Pathway
196 nations joined together in cooperation and
solidarity to create the World Peace Pathway.
Opened 27 April 2004.

Please add your prayer for peace
As you walk around.

Fire it up!


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