The 070 Social Sofa

The Hague, a rather versitile city situated by the North Sea and a top notch beach based at Kijkduin-Scheveningen. With its timeless architectural key features, you might notice that the city has ambitions to head on for a metropole configuration.
With serveral road jams on a regular basis and an relentless bicycle pandemy, the city has several entertaining probabilities to offer, depending on your desired pace.
20140724-023230.jpgWith sevaral construction building sites working their way up to the top, the city manages to shape and pave their continuosly epic Holland-Skyline.
20140724-044018.jpgIt can be noticed that the pivotal piont for extracting the 070 panorama opportunity lies near the coastline in the dunes of Kijkduin, mentioned in Skyline: Day 2 Night.
So, with a horizon leading to the essence of a metropole styled civilisation and the currently rappid changing city, The Hague offers every individual an unique experiance with an advanced welcome, exposing Social Sofas throughout the sitcom city!

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