A rejuvenating approach. Have you noticed that the present time has always been considered to be the modern era? However if it would be possible to travel back in time, would you expect fruits to taste as they taste nowadays? The answer is a negative reply. Therefore the todays fruits or more likely a state of the art product, not to be confused with Apple’s or Black Berry’s assortment.IMG_8824.JPGWould it make sense if Android had a fruity brand-name instead of those candies and ice cream versions? How would that be? For example, by replacing the brand Android for Fruitbasket would create new opportunities when referring to other sort of fruits when it comes to the software versions, like Jelly Bean or Kit Kat.IMG_5658.JPGIn that perpective the whole wide world would be exposed to fruit in generally. And with that statement, I expect to encourage the status qou users to consume fruits at a higher frequency. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before related companies find their brand in the Fruit basket! Till next time, stay fresh & smoothy – unboxing ILF photography.

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  1. I eat a lot more fruits tegenwoordig, and vedgs too, the time I come to Nederland, I’ll be fit to sail full speed!.

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