About Mbitproducer

Thanks for spinning around on my WordPress site. Here is where I broadcast my creative and ridiculous thoughts. With a place of birth based in South-America, a bachelor life in Europe, and roots that lead to somewhere near India you might notice some of these influences in the Mbitproducer posted works, thriving from these given sources. Accompanied with a WB800F travellzoom camera and some random written insights I expect to accelerate in filtering my personal preferences, by processing the captured residue and upload the data in a rather remarkable style. I believe it’s key to stay inspired and inspire as well, so why not be..flattered when I like or follow your WordPress blogsite, a decent comment is a written reward.

Before you head on:
Surf around on the posted waves, drop a comment or hit like & follow on the go.


7 thoughts on “About Mbitproducer

  1. Haliema G.Chandoe on said:

    Wel, Riaz, wat een aangename verrassing. Heel interessant!
    Ga zo door!

    auntie Halie

  2. Thanks for following Peachyteachy! Your blog is bright and awake and has Spiderman! Nice!

  3. Unfortunately fray on black type is almost impossible to read….
    Thank you for ‘liking’ my blog!

  4. I meant grey not fray….

    • I agree about the grey, in time ill look out for suitable background that works beter with the gray collor. With the basic wordpress account & the focus theme, the text collour is preset fixed. Thanks for the notice Javier Molina!

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